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HP Aims To Improve Data Protection And Archiving

By Chris Crum

At Storage Networking World in Europe, HP introduced some new products and services for the archiving and protection of data.

"HP has been a sleeping giant for a while but quietly they have been assembling ingredients for some powerful solutions in the data protection and Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) space," said Arun Taneja, president and consulting analyst of the Taneja Group.

"With these new product announcements, HP can now engage head-on with the best in the marketplace," added Taneja.

HP's new ProLiant servers allow for backup at set intervals while always protecting critical data and reducing the risk of losing data as well as reducing business downtime by 96% the company claims.

HP has also extended its Virtual Library System so that backup and recovery can occur more quickly. The company also introduced Electronic Vaulting Services, which aim to provide customers with secure, remote storage and retrieval of important data.

For archiving, the company introduced its new StorageWorks File Migration Agent for automating enterprise Windows file server environment management.

"As data management needs grow unabated, HP is helping customers lower IT costs and, most importantly, put their information to work," said HP's StorageWorks Division general manager Bob Schultz.

Many more details about HP's newly introduced products can be found in the company's press release or the HP web site.

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Chris is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest ebusiness news.

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