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Obama Brings CTO To The White House

By David Berkowitz

This is ridiculous. He's been president-elect for less then a week and Obama's already reworking governing through the Web.

Case in point:

President-Elect Obama has spoken about creating a Chief Technology Officer position for the country, but does he need it? Can't he just be our Commander-in-Chief Technology Officer?

Here's what does right:

• It turns his campaign platform into America's platform.

• He makes his transition about change, not Even McCain campaigned on change. It's a memorable domain too.

• It welcomes user-generated content, or at least user submissions. The biggest homepage call-out is for users to share their stories.

• It stresses "you" wherever it can - note "Your Administration" above Obama and Biden on the lower left.

The agenda's prioritized - his first five stand out prominently:

• Revitalizing the economy
• Ending the war in Iraq
• Providing health care for all
• Protecting America
• Renewing American Global Leadership

There's a blog - expect continual updates.

Save Big on Celerons and Xeons

He promotes community service. It's clear that he will be calling on Americans to take action, and he devotes a prominent spot on his navigation bar to this.

• There's good search functionality up top. Here are the search results for 'Afghanistan'.

• It's very easy to get around, from the top navigation bar to the sitemap on the bottom. Google's going to love this site (and the .gov domain will send it through the roof).

• There's an email signup form up top to keep you up to date. It's the only drawback I've found on the site in terms of best practices though. There are no privacy reassurances, nor can you find out how often he'll be e-mailing you.

• You can apply for a job.

• You can learn way more than you ever will need to know about the transition. Unless you're one of the many people so inspired by President Elect Obama that you're considering running for office yourself.

Thanks to Paul McEnany for sharing this.


About the Author:
David Berkowitz is Director of Strategic Planning for 360i and oversees the Search Informed Marketing firm's Emerging Media Practice. Every Tuesday, he pens the Search Insider column for MediaPost, with over 100 articles published to date. He often speaks at events covering marketing, media, and technology; his previous engagements include Ad:Tech, Consumer Electronics Show - Digital Hollywood, MediaPost's Search Insider Summit, and many others. He has also blogged extensively with, MarketingVox, nowEurope, AdTechBlog, and others.
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