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January 23, 2013
Jacob Morgan The Multi-Screen Employee Experience
By Jacob Morgan
Multi-screen experiences are crucial but they aren’t just for the consumer that has his tablet open while watching TV. The multi-screen experience is just as important for employees within organizations and is a necessity for the future of work. Let’s take at a realistic scenario:

• Tina wakes up in the morning to check her email on her iPhone and update her co-workers on the presentation they are doing today.

• After getting her coffee and eating breakfast she sits down at her personal computer (a PC) to edit a document for her team.

• Now it’s time for her to leave for work, she grabs her work laptop (a MAC) and her iPad and heads off to the train where she opens up her tablet to read about some of the things her peers are working on and stays up to date on some company news. [...]

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