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December 3, 2013
Jacob Morgan The Vendor Opportunity Gap in The Future of Work
By Jacob Morgan
The bulk of what I do entails working with large (and some mid size) organizations on helping them understand and then adapt to the changes we are seeing around the future of work and collaboration. Part of this means understanding what’s happening on the technology side of things which is one of the reasons why I started doing my Friday Vendor Roundup.

An innovation problem or a marketing obstacle?

For the better part of a year now I’ve noticed a bit of stagnation on the innovation side for many of these vendors. Granted they are still adding features, improving their products, and making other enhancements; but they are not innovating. Most of the things I’m seeing are around new pricing structures, redesigned UIs, some new minor features, and perhaps some added integrations and capabilities. Of course this is still important but I don’t see anyone really pushing the envelope so to speak. [...]

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Google Takes An Hour To Explain How To Use Remarketing Lists For Search Ads Google Takes An Hour To Explain How To Use Remarketing Lists For Search Ads
Google has released the recording of a new webinar about remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA). [...]
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Helix Brings A Professional 3D Printer To Kickstarter Helix Brings A Professional 3D Printer To Kickstarter
Kickstarter has been a great place to support affordable 3D printers, but most of those projects are intended for hobbyists and consumers. The professional 3D printer market is still largely made up of the big [...]
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How Google Evaluates The Merit Of A Guest Blog Post How Google Evaluates The Merit Of A Guest Blog Post
It's Matt Cutts video time again. This time, he answers the question: "How can I guest blog without it looking like I pay for links?" [...]
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For wearable technologies, bandwidth matters (and other things)
UK mobile operator EE is launching what it describes as “the world’s fastest 4G network” in part of London.

The company says that the network – running LTE Advanced technology, capable of reaching 300Mbps speeds – will initially cover London’s Tech City, with companies in the area being selected to access it first.

One significant metric EE quotes in its press release is this: [...]
How Google+ Affects YouTube, and Fake Yelp Reviews Don't be Scared to Provide Feedback to Your Vendors Big Data Analysis Continues to Grow
Google+ for YouTube and Google Validates #Hashtags When Google people explained to me that Google+ wasn’t originally built as a social network but as a unification of Google products, the lightbulb went on for me. Their next step in their [...] Many of the companies I work with and speak with are not always completely satisfied with the collaboration technologies that they deploy. In fact I’d say it’s rare for a company to say that they are 100% happy with everything that the vendor offers. The reality is that the words “perfection” and [...] The use of Big Data continues to get headlines. At times its use is controversial but regardless, Big Data is here to stay. Here is some data, reported by eWeek, to support that claim. IDC reveals in its 2013 Worldwide Study of HPC End-User [...]
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