Avoid those Internet black holes with GFI WebMonitor
Avoid Internet blackholes with GFI WebMonitor
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The Internet is a galaxy of information and opportunity, but beware of numerous black holes. The Internet is a time sink, ‘encouraging’ users to check their personal email or spend long periods on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter while at work.


If not properly managed, productivity will be sucked into that black hole and you’ll notice the impact on your network’s security and bandwidth. GFI WebMonitor can help you plug that hole!

GFI WebMonitor enables you:

To control access to applications for cloud storage, social networking, online games and much more.

Prevent malware using web protection technology that combines malicious, vulnerable and phishing URL filtering with content scanning by up to three AV engines; this greatly reduces zero-day threats.

To manage downloads and thus prevent malicious files entering the network.

To monitor in real-time and deeper granularity when managing internet use.

Monitor and control bandwidth usage and allocation.

GFI WebMonitor lets you manage internet access and network traffic but also allow users a level of freedom that makes them and you happy. Above all, you’ll prevent them from being swallowed by a lurking Internet black hole and nasty stuff entering your network.

Take our free 30-day trial today. GFI WebMonitor will make such a difference, you’ll never look back!

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The GFI Software™ team

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