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Microsoft CEO: How Can We Democratize Access to AI Technology?

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, recently was interviewed by Ludwig Siegele of The Economist about the future of AI (artificial intelligence) at the DLD in Munich, Germany where he spoke about the need to democratize the technology so that it is part of every company and every product. Here's an excerpt transcribed from the video interview:

What is AI?

The way I have defined AI in simple terms is we are trying to teach machines to learn so that they can do things that humans do, but in turn help humans. It's augmenting what we have. We're still in the mainframe era of it.

There has definitely been an amazing renaissance of AI and machine learning. In the last five years there's one particular type of AI called deep neural net that has really helped us, especially with perception, our ability to hear or see. That's all phenomenal, but if you ask are we anywhere close to what people reference, artificial general intelligence… No. The ability to do a lot of interesting things with AI, absolutely.

The next phase to me is how can we democratize this access? Instead of worshiping the 4, 5 or 6 companies that have a lot of AI, to actually saying that AI is everywhere in all the companies we work with, every interface, every human interaction is AI powered.

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