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[2011-07-26] Twitter Search Gets A Facelift
This news is one that was long awaited. The Twitter Search has gained a new location and has got a facelift to match the search experience. This information was Tweeted by Twitter. This means that now if you key in, you will be redirected to The new user interface has major improvements and will provide highly relevant search results and related photos & videos too!

[2011-07-12] Its Time to Try Social Technologies
At the beginning of the series of blog posts on Google Plus that I started earlier on this week I mentioned how I would be putting together about four different articles about my first impressions on playing around quite a bit with G+, something that those folks who have been following this blog for a long while now would know it's not something that I do rather often, so you can imagine how it is starting to grow on me more and more by the day. You could say I am having a blast with it, to the point where most of my other external social networking activities have gone a bit dormant in the last few days! I do realise though how I still need to post that fourth article and all, but I thought I would go ahead talk about something else today: the value I am getting from Google Plus already on my first week of usage. Because I guess that's what we all care about  at this point in time, right? What (business) value do we want to get from G+? We all remember that social for the sake of social is not going to take us anywhere. So how am I benefiting from making use of it at the moment? Well, let me summarise it with a single sentence: facilitated serendipity on steroids!